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Lunch and Dinner Job Interview Etiquette Tips

Lunch and Dinner Job Interview Etiquette TipsLunch and Dinner Job Interview Etiquette TipsInterviews are often stressful - even for job seekers who have interviewed many times. Interviewing can be even more stressful when you are expected to eat and talk at the same time. One of the reasons employers take job candidates out to lunch or dinner is to evaluate their social skills and to see if they can handle themselves gracefully under presaya. Thats important for many roles, and particularly for lages that are client- or customer-facing. How to Handle Lunch and Dinner Interviews Dining with a prospective employee allows employers to review your communication andinterpersonal skills, as well as your table manners, in a more relaxed (for them) environment. Table manners do matter. Good manners may give you the edge over another candidate, so, take some time to brush up yourdining etiquette skills. Interview Dining Tips If youre feeling nervous, check out the restaurant ahead of time or visit the restaurants website. That way youll know exactly whats on the menu, what you might want to order, and where the restrooms are located.Arrive early. You can ask the restaurants host if there is a reservation under the interviewers name. If not, wait outside the restaurant for your interviewer to arrive.Wear an interview-appropriate outfit (even if the restaurant is more casual than the company office).Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent. Resist the temptation to check it (even if others at the table are looking at their phones). During the meal, mind your manners. Say please and thank you to your server as well as your host. And, remember what your mother spent years telling you keep your elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, sit up straight, and never, ever speak with your mouth full.Is the table full of utensils? My British grandmother taught me an easy way to remember what to use when. Start at the outside and work your way in. Your salad ab spaltung will be on the far left, your entree fork will be next to it. Your dessert spoon and fork will be above your plate. Liquids are on the right, solids on the left. For example, your water glass will be on the right and your bread plate will be on the left.Put your napkin on your lap once everyone is seated. During the Meal Dont order messy food - pasta with lots of sauce, chicken with bones, ribs, big sandwiches, and whole lobsters are all dangerous.Keep conversationlight toward the start of the meal. You can ask interviewers if theyve been to the restaurant before, chat about the weather, or ask how their day has gone.Dont order the most expensive entree on the menu.When you do order your meal, make it something thats easy to cut into bite-size pieces. During the meal, take small bites, so that its easy to finish chewing and swallow before responding to questions and participating in the mealtime conversation. The polite way to eat soup is to spoon it away from you. Ther es less chance of spilling in your lap that way tooBreak your dinner roll into small pieces and eat it a piece at a time.If you need to leave the table, put your napkin on the seat or the arm of your chair.When youve finished eating, move your knife and fork to the four oclock position so the server knows youre done.Remember to try and relax, listen, and participate in the conversation. To Drink or Not to Drink Its wise not to drink alcohol during an interview. Interviewing is tough enough without adding alcohol to the mix. After the Meal Put your napkin on the table next to your plate.Let the prospective employer pick up the tab. The person who invited you will expect to pay both the bill and the tip.Remember to say thank you. Consider also following-up with athank you notewhich reiterates your interest in the job. More Interview Tips Review these job interview etiquette tips for before, during, and and after a job interview, to ensure that yourjob interview etiquetteis up to speed and youre making the best impression on the interviewer. Also brush up your interview skills, to make sure that youre a perfect candidate and dont inadvertently make any mistakes. Find outhow to interview,tips,what to wear, andwhat not to do during the interview.

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How to Ask for a Pay Raise During a Tough Economy

How to Ask for a Pay Raise During a Tough EconomyHow to Ask for a Pay Raise During a Tough EconomyHow do you ask for a pay raise when your company has put most raises on hold this year? Alternatively, your employer is offering a 2 percentpay raise across the board, but you believe that you have earned more. What do you do? Whether your company is prudently managing resources or struggling with falling sales, the answer depends on economic circumstances and your perceived value to the firm. You can ask for a pay raise during tough economic times- you may even receive a raise- but your preparation for asking must be thorough and communicate your value. Dont even think about asking for a pay raise at your weekly one-on-one meeting with your manager. Especially when money is tight, preparation is essential. Dont blow your six-month opportunity to ask for a raise. What If They Are on Hold? If pay raises are on hold, keep in mind that you risk looking like youre not a team player when you ask for a raise. You could also receive an automatic turndown because a salary freeze gives your manager an excuse to avoid considering individual requests. Your company may legitimately strive to treat employees equally, a short-sighted strategy if it costs the company its best employees, but it is a strategy some companies often adopt. Especially if your company is in any kind of trouble or laying off employees, no matter your circumstances, you may want to wait a few months to ask for a pay raise. Your chances of success look up as your companys prospects improve. But if your company is simply being prudent, pay raise opportunities may exist for the companys best employees. Steps to a Potential Pay Raise The tried and true continues to work when you ask for a pay raise. Even in tough times, you start by researching your salary against what the market is paying people with your job and your responsibilities. If you are a stand-out contributor and you are underpaid for your market, you have a case for a pay raise. If you have experienced any of these work events, asking for a pay raise is legitimate and expected. In fact, your company may offer you a pay raise when you accept the new position or responsibility. You were promoted to a higher-level position.You took on new and substantial responsibilities, which doesnt necessarily mean more work. In this time of layoffs and negative decisions about replacing staff, everyone is doing more work.The number of reporting employees that you supervise increased, and thus broadened your areas of responsibility.You took over the leadership of a project on which you had been a participant. Without a qualifying work event, you may need these extra pay raise ideas for a difficult economic climate. Make a list of the goals you have accomplished for the company. Determine how their accomplishment has helped the company. Document your contributions. Make the contributions measurable and visible whenever possible.If yo u are the ace developer of new business, a sales professional extraordinaire, the developer of a product that is outselling all competitors, or the employee who saved the company $100,000 in costs, you may qualify for a pay raise, even in tough times. Your company doesnt want to destroy your motivation or lose you to a competitor, but you need to ask for a pay raise. Ask for additional responsibilities and document your success in achieving them. It is a longer-term strategy because you must first demonstrate success. But, depending on the value of your increased contribution, your company may decide to give you a pay raise.Take a serious look at the way you approach work and your communication style. Are you achieving gains for the company that are unmeasured and uncommunicated? Dont assume people notice. You may need to raise your visibility at work and the visibility of your contributions, not obnoxiously, but to help your manager comfortably go to bat for your pay raise. How to Ask for an IncreaseEven in Tough Times Youll want a strategy for asking for that raise- a good policy at any time, but particularly now. tischset up a meeting with your immediate supervisor to discuss your compensation. You will not want to ambush this person.If the supervisor is unprepared to discuss a pay raise with you, nothing will happen at the meeting. Your boss will want to do his research with the Human Resources staff and his own industry sources.You may want to rehearse your pitch with a good friend or family member. Come to the meeting with a one-page list of bullet points that you believe will pinpoint your value. Make sure you are prepared to promote your value with examples and numbers. Come to the meeting prepared to demonstrate the value you add to the company. Nothing else matters,especially when pay raises are scarce. Share your documentation and your contributions. The tone of the meeting should be conversational, not confrontational.Never make the mistake of threatening your boss with the possibility that you will leave the company if you dont receive a pay raise. Under those circumstances, the pay raise will only happen if your company is desperate. But your boss will never forgive you. Nor will your company plan for your presence in their future. Your contribution is not to be trusted long term. You will have burned your bridges. At the same time, recognize the value that you add, and if your current company cannot reward you for that value, find a company that will. You can ask for a pay raise in a tough economy. If you decide to ask, be prepared to support the value that you add to the company. Nothing else matters when economic times are tough.

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Why its Healthier for Both Parents to Be Flexible

Why its Healthier for Both Parents to Be FlexibleWhy its Healthier for Both Parents to Be Flexible3Life can be a whirlwind when that first baby arrives leaving new parents with little sleep and plenty of decisions to make. One of the more challenging choices can be whether or not to return to work. Although the answer of what is right will be different for every family, it has long been assumed that having the mother as the primary caretaker at home is unequivocally better for the baby. However, according to a new report funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and reported by The Telegraph in London, Children whose mothers return to work within the first year after birth are less likely to fight with their classmates or become anxious than if their mothers stay at home.Are children better off when it is possible for parents to be flexibleIn addition, the lead researcher Dr. Anne McMunn said that not only are moms less likely to become depressed, but children had less behav ioral problems.However, Dr. Fran Walfish, Child and Family Psychotherapistand author The Self-Aware Parent, disagrees with the study.My professional opinion is that it is healthier for children under the age of 5 years when most kids begin Kindergarten if their moms stay home, she told . This relates directly to the attachment and healthy separation process. During the first 12 months of life the main objective is bonding between mother and infant. These are critical months in which the mother is present and available to consistently respond warmly and accurately to the babys needs. This facilitates the child to develop trust in the world and feel panzerschrank and secure that when in need someone loving will be there for me.In fact, she argues that its still too soon to tell the effects of moms returning to work on kids later in their lives. We need to look at the kind of relationships these kids are drawn to in adulthood. Will they be attracted to a partner who splits attention an d offers them crumbs in the relationship? We want kids to grow up feeling they deserve a whole slice of pie, not crumbs.Despite the differences in perspectives, there is common ground that can be found for an alternative solution Flexible working arrangements.When asked if she believed it was better for both parents to be flexible, allowing them both more time with the kids can be a solution for this, Dr. Walfish said, Yes. I do. I apologize to all the families who cant, but I do think two is best for most children. I can give you tons of examples of exceptions and plenty of folks will throw tomatoes at me, but my answer is a resounding YES.Dr. McMunn agrees. If we can find ways to hilfe families so that both parents can work and still combine child rearing and family life, then it is probably going to have a positive effect for children in terms of their socio-emotional behaviour, she toldThe Telegraph.But is finding flexible work a reality? Historically it has been difficult, alth ough the flexible job landscape has been changing for the better in recent years with job sites dedicated to flexible work opportunities, such as . Unfortunately, many parents are still not aware of the growing depth and variety of jobs that offer flexibilities such as telecommuting, part-time and alternative schedules, and freelance contracts.They know that flexible positions are available, but most of them dont know where to look to find them, Cheryl Palmer, a certified career coach and President of Call to Career told . One major concern is finding employers who will give them flexibility so that they can juggle their schedules and not give short shrift to either the job or their home lives.Although a recent study conducted by Telework Research Network concluded that relatively few companies are allowing telecommuting in the United States, CEO Sara Sutton notes the continuing increase in flexible postings that the research team is able to find.Our job listings for flexible posi tions have grown by 400%, stated Sutton. What many people dont realize is there are listings in 50+ career fields, entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time.Flexible work options just might be the solution new parents need.Many families with working moms are doing absolutely fine, Walfish adds. Some have dads who work flexible schedules and are available to the children. Others have long-term warm, fuzzy nannies employed or grandparents in place. Without question, growing children need at least one stable adult figure who is physically and emotionally available to them. Flexible job options open a door to help parents and families share that role better.

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How To Make the Most of National Career Development Month

How To Make the Most of National Career Development MonthHow To Make the Most of National Career Development Month While every day presents itself with new opportunities to make the most of our career, November presents a special opportunity. This November, join professionals across North America in celebrating National Career Development Month. Taking time away from your desk can be challenging, but parte owning your own career involves investing in yourself and your own development. Whether youre choosing to read for 5 hours a day like Warren Buffett, or reflecting for two hours a day like Jeff Weiner, the best leaders out there recognize that commitment towards self-improvement is necessary for success. Need some inspiration on how to make the most of this month? Heres a handy checklist to help jumpstart your personal and professional development.Get in touch with 2-3 former colleagues, classmates, or professors to catch up over coffee. Nurturing your network is an important part of building your career. This should not be something youre only doing once youre looking for a job. Rather, staying in touch should be an active practice. 30% of jobs are filled through employee referrals, so take the time to keep in touch and maintain relationships with the professionals you meet along your journey.Attend a Meetup or industry networking event. If networking is not something that comes naturally to you, take advantage of these pre-organized events, and meet like-minded individuals. This is a great way for you to make new connections, gain inspiration and knowledge, find new opportunities, and even enjoy a nice drink or two Have coffee with someone from a different team whose work interests you. Find out more about their day to day, broaden your professional horizons, and in doing so, youll become a more rounded professional. This is an important part of building your cross vertical relationships at work, and getting on peoples radars for ne w opportunities. Look into your organizations education and training offerings. Take the time to see what your organization has to offer, and how you can take advantage of different courses or opportunities for development. If youre not familiar with your companys Learning & Development department, meet with a member of that team to learn more about their programs. Meet with your manager and discuss your career plans. Dont expect your manager to know your dreams and goals. Your manager is there to help facilitate the process, but its up to you to express your interests and make things happen. Create yourself professionally driven S.M.A.R.T goals for the next quarter, the next 2 years, and the next 5 years. This will also help you stay in touch with yourself, and keep yourself committed to your professional wants and needs. Think about 1 new skill youve been meaning to develop. Commit to working on this skill for 1-2 hours a week, all month. Download a podcast, an app, read a book, create Google Alerts, or find a webinar in order to help guide your learning. There is no shortage of free information out there Reach out to any of your mentors/mentees. According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey, those with mentors report 81 percent higher job satisfaction. Mentorship provides a resource for advice and an opportunity to develop leadership skills. See how your mentor/mentee is doing, and thank them for the help. Update your resume and LinkedIn. Your resume and LinkedIn are dynamic pieces of work that should be updated every month. Dont wait until youre looking for a job to start working on your resume. Rather, make it a continuous practice and always make sure your resume reflects your current portfolio. Theres no time like the present to start owning your career, so join professionals coast to coast as they celebrate their careers and participate in National Career Development Month

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The Tried and True Method for Resume Usa in Step by Step Detail

The Tried and True Method for Resume Usa in Step by Step Detail Where to Find Resume Usa Frequently, job seekers have numerous mistaken opinions about potential employers. Everyone can say which he or she excelled at her or his final job. If youre searching for professional federal resume writing services you may trust to secure you the federal job youve always wanted, SES Resume Writers is just what you want. There are lots of standard forms of resumes used to make an application for job openings. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilized to secure new employment. They may be organized in different ways. They are not translated in terms of duties and responsibilities from military terminology into federal job duties. The pricing for federal resume services varies based on several important things. Click the next link for more info about what to put in your federal resume. The present application is parte of internet banking a customer lev erages to set up his on-line account and make e-bills payment and intra account transfers. The sentences are choppy, incomplete and dont tell a complete story. Resumes dont need complete sentences and you ought to avoid employing the very first person (I, me, my). They are written based on the fitness evaluations. What Resume Usa Is - and What it Is Not Each announcement differs. Many announcements incorporate an on-line questionnaire which you must submit. Additionally, federal presentation resume format depends on specific job announcements. The presentation and content of resumes and CVs varies from nation to nation, so take into consideration these notes weve prepared for you on the best way to compose a resume for the USA. Washington State is among the fastest growing states in the united states and employers wish to employ veterans. For newcomers to the United States of america, it is critical to understand USA resume format expectations. In the end, employing th e proper USA resume format will help to better your chances of landing that critical interview that results in a job in the States. Lies Youve Been Told About Resume Usa Interestingly enough the distinction is observed in companies of all sizes which is the largest surprise to me. Keeping that in mind, there are a couple tips you may utilize to maximize your likelihood of getting your resume past the first filters. Numbers, percentages, and supporting facts go a very long way in showing that you own a history of success. Together with your study it is possible to locate a part-time job and youre going to be free after your working day and you dont have to do any home task. Facts, Fiction and Resume Usa If you dont meet the requirements, you merely wont be considered. The procedure for building your resume and applying online might take several hours. The time required to submit an application is dependent on the job youre applying for and the agencys requirements. On the c ontrary, its an automated on-line system that could actually stop you mid-application in case you dont meet the job qualifications. Concentrate on these sections to understand whether you meet the requirements for the position. The background section lets a landlord get to understand a bit more about their prospective tenant. Any extra career documents will also be useful for our career coaches to estimate the process, cost, and next actions in the federal government resume-writing procedure. Writing a federal resume means following federal resume guidelines to ensure hiring managers are in a position to locate the specific details they are interested in with only a quick glance. Listing your skills provides a chance to showcase your abilities and experiences to prime employers for the remainder of your resume. Businesses are exploring opportunities in different regions as a way to capitalize on comparative cost benefits and economies of scale. Resume Usa Secrets That No One E lse Knows About The format has to be of a type at which you might have to excel in professionalism. NOW you should forget whatever you know about other resume format or templates youve ever read about or seen. For instance, if you are attempting to say youre innovative and cutting-edge, a more modern resume template may be best. Resume templates become more and more hard to edit with time, therefore its ideal to begin with a blank page and appear at sample resumes (pdf). There are a few of the various ways to frame a resume. There are a few things that dont belong on a resume for work. Other things to remember Now that youve learned how to compose a resume, take a look at our resume for the USA. In addition, it supplies an incredible networking opportunity to create connections with people in your industry, or potentially with people working at companies youre targeting in your job search.

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Disability not a disadvantage in the workplace

Disability elend a disadvantage in the workplace Disability not a disadvantage in the workplacePosted October 13, 2011, by Andrea Riddell When looking to fill vacant positions, businesses want to hire the best possible candidate. Often this means that people with disability are overlooked in favour of those who may appear to be more fit and able. Stereotypical but erroneous beliefs can mean employers miss out on a valuable pool of resources and experience especially when you consider that one in five Australians has a disability. Basic assumptions are made often unconsciously about what a person with disability can or cannot do. However, research has shown that there is little difference in the productivity between people with disability and those without. The benefits There are many benefits in choosing to hire people with disability. The Australian Network on Disability (AND), an organisation that promotes the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business, encou rages employers to tap in to the diverse range of skills, experiences and abilities of people with disability to gain new perspectives. Organisations that understand the impact of disability on their customers will reach a wider market. Businesses that fail to make their products and services accessible to people with disability, or dont build their expertise in welcoming customers with disability, risk missing out on a great deal of business, says AND spokesperson Rachel Butler. Hiring people with disability also helps businesses to embrace their corporate social responsibility (CSR), promote a diverse workplace and raise team morale. Safeway in Rosebud West, Victoria, is one of the many businesses leading by example and hiring people with disability through Disability WORKS Australia (DWA), an organisation that helps to find placements for people with disability. Assistant store manager Simone Blake says, We wanted to help someone with a disability in our local community. Emp loying somebody with a disability gives the whole team a lift and helps to positively change the store culture. Apart from enhancing the reputation and brand of the business, employing people with disability can also have long-term fiscal benefits. According to a Safe Work Australia study, workers with disability have lower rates of absenteeism, a lower number of workplace injury and, as a result, lower workers compensation costs than people without disability. AND has also stated that people with disability tend to stay loyal and committed to their employer and show higher retention rates than employees without disability. Increased tenure reduces the costs of training and integrating new staff into the business. By accommodating people with disability organisations are gaining loyal and committed employees who will untersttzungsangebot them in achieving their business objectives, says Butler. Its easier than you think Common misconceptions are the biggest barrier that people w ith disability battle in attempting to gain employment. Employers often believe that the costs associated with hiring people with disability are high. More often than not only simple adjustments are required to make the business disability-friendly. Many adjustments are cost-neutral while research has identified that where costs are incurred, around 80 per cent of those adjustments are under $500, says Butler. Research has even shown that many employers believe the benefits of hiring people with disability outweigh any associated costs. In some cases no adjustments need to be made at all. Disability can come in all shapes and forms and while some disabilities may be obvious to the naked eye, many others are more discreet. Another method of creating opportunities for people with disability includes job splitting or carving. This involves breaking off certain tasks from other positions that are hard to fill to create new roles for people with disability. Holden Hill Police Stat ion, South Australia, turned to DWA when they couldnt find a permanent employee with transcript typing skills willing to perform the repetitive tasks of the position. Administration manager Doris Andrew hired Sonja Veitinger, who was referred to her by DWA. Veitingers vision impairment meant that she could not fill the administration role so Andrew split the task of transcript typing from the general role and employed Veitinger on a part-time basis. By being creative with the role were getting retention in this job, providing a solution to one area of skill shortage and proving to be more cost-effective, says Andrew. Veitinger required computer program JAWS and a dual headset to transcribe the police tapes and the police station conducted an assessment of the workplace to identify and make any adjustments. By investing in the right person you will reap the benefits. There is room in generic jobs to carve duties and provide opportunities for people with a disability as well as as sisting businesses with areas of skill shortages, says Andrew. Recruiting There are many organisations dedicated to helping employers recruit people with disability. These organisations can help you to make any necessary adjustments to the workplace and can provide ongoing support. The Australian Network on Disability (AND) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the employment of people with disability. AND works with employers to help them become disability confident and engage with people with disability as stakeholders, employees and customers. Disability WORKS Australia (DWA) is a national body that facilitates the provision of employment for people with disability. DWA is a point of contact for employers looking to recruit people with disability. You can alert them of any job vacancies you have and they will match the position to an appropriate worker with disability. With long-term benefits not only to the business but also to society and the economy, hiring peop le with disability is an investment in the future. 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